Thursday, November 6, 2014

Marginalia: Free Routledge Articles

        With this post I want to excuse myself from failing to update the blog. Work projects kept me busy. I'm preparing a seminar which involves a lot of writing material that doesn't quite fit with the format of this website. Plus, writing for deadlines has made me feel a bit uninspired and so I've been avoiding it during my leisure time. However, this didn't prevent me from reading: in the past two weeks I managed to finish two books by John Dower among other Japan-related articles. As soon as I'm able to take a break from my work I'll write my thoughts on them.
        And here's the gist of this post: Routledge has made available free of charge 30 articles related to Japan from various fields of study, including pop culture, religion and economics. Here's the link. As you can see, Routledge is celebrating Japan's Culture Day or 'Bunka no hi' (文化の日) held on November 3rd. Enjoy! 

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